Merry Christmas and hello friends and family! Most of you know that getting a Christmas card from us before the holidays is extremely unlikely. We were lucky to have our last Christmas card out by March of the following year. So, a wonderful web letter seemed to be a bit more appropriate.

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Asher Oliva Howie

Okay, hopefully most of you are aware that we had a baby...if not...we had a baby! Asher has been the most exciting happening of 2007. She has been a true joy for the past nine months. From infancy to now crawling and in to EVERYTHING, we are so blessed to be able to spend so much time with her. Jonathan works from home and I teach part-time so we are able to capture every new thing she does. She now has one tooth, loves to eat (she is not too picky yet), and really could care less about her toys...instead she wants whatever we have. Go figure!

Asher's First Camping Experience

We are here to attest that having a baby doesn't mean all fun and hobbies go out the window...Nope, Asher went camping with us in Moab at around 2 months of age! The end of April, we took her down to Moab to do some hiking and biking. She loved all of the big, red rocks around the Slickrock trail and she slept like a champ on her own thermarest in the tent and napped in the camping chair. Of course, Jonathan and I did have one epic ride while we were there...sans baby. Leave it to me to break my arm 3 miles from civilization. Oh well...bones heal. At least my bike was unharmed.

The Celebration Getaway!

Well, after a long summer of was time for us to play. We had deprived ourselves of our normal summer rendezvous so we decided to take four days and visit a Colorado destination in which neither of us had been. Crested Butte...about the most amazing, spectacular place ever! We scored a perfect camping site where we had views to massive mountains, rolling green hills, wildflowers and whatever else you picture in Heaven (well, our version of Heaven). We hiked each day to beautiful destinations and Jonathan went crazy with his camera. He definitely got some "money shots." Asher is a true hiker...just takes in all the sights and then passes out for the duration of the hike. The whole fam thoroughly enjoyed the experience (dogs and all).

Did I mention the camping unit?

Oh, by the way...we were graciously given a Colman 1982 (primo in its day) pop-up trailer we call the "brown box." It came with us to Crested Butte for the first time and served as a wonderful shelter from the rain and the chill. Throughout the summer, our close friend, Rocky, has since brought the "brown box" to life with running water, a working stove, and electricity. It is a true diamond in the rough.

Our 3rd Anniversary

Usually each year for our anniversary, we go somewhere spectacular. This year we decided to stay close and hike a 14'er. We bagged Longs Peak in one long day. We started at around 4:30am and finished around 3:30pm. I felt like chopping off my feet by the time we finished (always wear good hiking boots), but besides that the hike was amazing and full of beautiful scenery and wonderful conversation. Thanks for joining us, Nikki! It truly has been three blissful years of marriage.

Believe it...we went on a cruise!

In October, we were so incredibly blessed to go on a cruise for the first time...(Asher's first cruise as well). It was truly an exceptional trip. My mom, step-dad, sister, brother-in-law, good friend Parker, and us sailed the Western Carribean. We had lots of laughs...especially at the dinner table. We left Miami and cruised to the Bahamas, St. Thomas (where Jonathan, Asher and I went to St. John for the day), and St. Martin. Jonathan and I have never been on a vacation to a beach so this was a real treat.

Asher goes everywhere!

Just wanted to share this picture of Asher. She loved the ocean and was fascinated with the sand...even after putting a handful in her mouth. We actually hiked to this isolated bay in which we had to ourselves on St. John. We will never forget that perfect day!

Lauren...she rocks!

This has been an exciting year for Lauren as well. She is in the fifth grade and doing amazing! She is so much fun and we love to laugh with her. She had a great soccer season and scored 2 goals and now she is playing basketball for her school. In January, she will audition to get into the Denver School of the Arts. We are so proud of her and all of her wonderful talents.

Business just gets better!

Jonathan has done some amazing things this year with business. He was able to open his very own art gallery in the Santa Fe arts district. Considering that has been one of his dreams, he is thrilled to have his art hanging on the wall for everyone to see. Atmosphere Creative continues to grow with two chapters that are both thriving, and Jonathan's photography has reached new levels with the addition of photographing both babies and weddings. Both the Atmosphere and Foundation Photography websites were completely redone by Jonathan so feel free to check out his new work! God-Thoughts (our sticker ministry) has also grown in the past month. Jonathan has changed that website as well and recently started the "Thought of the Month," where people sign up to get FREE God-Thought stickers each month. We'll see where God takes them...hopefully all over the world!
God is so good to us and we pray for each one of you to have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Jonathan, Amy, Lauren, Asher, Paco, and Cephas

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